What to Expect

Your initial visit is very important for us. It is here that we get to know you, your concerns and your expectations. It is the goal of our team to provide you the patient with the overall picture of your oral health. At this visit we are given the opportunity to educate and inform you of any relevant risk factors that could lead to future issues.

Clinical Examination

Dr. Plummer-Molina is very thorough in her examination which allows her to offer a very comprehensive treatment plan. She takes the time to review your overall oral health by examining your teeth, periodontium, TMJ and muscle evaluation and an oral cancer screening.


Radiographs are a very important part of the examination. They provide visualization of issues that we are not able to detect with the naked eyes. If you had recent radiographs taken, we can contact your previous provider to obtain copies of them. To aid in the comprehensive evaluation photographs will also be taken as recommended by the AACD. (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).

Diagnosis & Risk Factors

Based on the clinical, advanced diagnostic techniques and/or radiographic exams, Dr. Plummer-Molina will inform you of any diagnosis of current conditions. Your risks for caries, periodontal disease and malocclusion are analyzed and you will be educated on how to prevent future issues.


Whether your goals are cosmetic or functionally related, Dr. Plummer- Molina will explore with your expectations/goals in mind how best we can help you to achieve your desired outcomes.